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1) How much has your productivity increased?

The big Z-Spray machines make it possible to do what we had given up doing and that is applications to large properties. Pushing a spreader was grueling work on anything over a half acre. We had 300,000 sf properties that we used to take 4 people in and knock out in half a day. With a Z, we can do it with one person in less time than 4 could do it walking. For us, it was an opportunity maker. Otherwise, we would have probably gotten out of the large property business.

2) What is your labor savings?

This is not exact, but I am guessing we do large properties for 1/10th of the labor. Attitude is the real issue. It is so much better!

3) What is your average square feet or acreage treated per day?

Hand pushing, we max out at about 120,000 to 140,000 sf. With the Z, we can easily do 500,000 sf.

4) How has the Z-Spray Changed your business?

We now have several sizes of the Z’s. We use them on lawns as small as 10,000 sf. Our turf managers have a better attitude. Our concern is wearing out the bodies of our staff. One 25+ year veteran recently commented with machines a man could easily do the work in to his 60’s.

5) How do you see the Z-Spray helping you grow your business?

We kept doing larger properties that without the Z’s we would have gotten rid of. Not only that, but the applications are done accurately. The machine runs the same speed at the end of the day as at the beginning of the day. A person can easily slow down as he/she gets tired and we know that will make for a heavier application.

All of our products are development, engineered, and manufactured right here in the USA in Lebanon, Indiana.