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Snow Removal


De-Icing Spray System
20 Gallons
rate production
80,000 (sq. ft. / fill)

Product Details

Introducing the Snowrator ZX4.

The Snowrator was designed to operate on sidewalks, driveways and other tight areas where shoveling by hand was previously necessary.

The durable Snowrator is manufactured with corrosion resistant stainless steel construction which is powder coated for better visibility. The Snowrator ZX4 is powered by an electric start Honda GX 390 engine. The 4 wheel drive skid steer design of the Snowrator features a direct drive dual pump wheel motor transmission with no belts and no chains.

Patent Pending

For more information, visit http://snowrator.com.

  • 48" Hydraulic privoting plow with downforce and float
  • Honda GX390 engine (electric and pull start)
  • 20 gallon de-icing system with 15' coil hose
  • All-wheel drive skid steer drive train

Snow Removal Options

20 gallon auxiliary tank

Includes frame, hoses and quick release fittings

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120 lb. hopper

120 lb. electric hopper used for salt or turf granular products

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Hydraulic material mover

9 cu/ft mulch bucket attachment. Counterbalance weights included

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Wide app nozzle turf spray system

Spray system kit allows this unit to be utilized for turf applications

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Canopy kit operator cover

Protective canopy to provide operation protection from harsh winter elements

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Product Support

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Snowrator Kit