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Z-Spray LTS

Liquid capacity
20 Gallons
granular capacity
175 lbs
rate production

Z-Spray LTS

Product Details

The Z-Spray LTS Sprayer is the right size for any property. This nimble commercial sprayer is narrow enough to maneuver into residential gated communities, urban areas and municipalities. With its smaller 36” footprint, the LTS can more easily fit into trailers between jobs.

With a 20 gallon liquid capacity and a 175 lb. fertilizer capacity, the LTS is ideal for a variety of properties.

  • Dimensions: Width 35.5"; Length 67.5"; Weight 500 lbs.; Height 51.5"
  • Fuel Capacity: 1.85 gallons
  • Top Ground Speed: 5.5 MPH
  • Kohler Engine
  • Lean to steer technology

Sprayer Options

30 ft Hose and Tray

Kit includes extended hose tray to protect the hose from foreign objects.

Spray Wands

Choose from multiple optional spray wands to customize your spray preference.

15 ft Hose Tray

Optional addition to protect the hose from foreign objects while spraying.

Anti-Siphon Assembly

Allows you to fill the tank from potable water source and protects from chemicals being siphoned back into the source.

Multi-Purpose Bag

Carry up to two-and-a-half gallon hand-held pump sprayer.

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