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Green Lawn


We have used Z-Spray for 12 years averaging about 12 million acres per day (350,000 sq ft between 30-36 trucks)   Z-Spray has allowed us to reduce labor on any given day with the ability to do a great job every time.  The machine has changed the business because of how easy it is to train someone to maneuver the equipment around our customers properties

The big Z-Spray machines make it possible to do what we had given up doing and that is applications to large properties. Pushing a spreader was grueling work on anything over a half acre. We had 300,000 sf properties that we used to take 4 people in and knock out in half a day. With a Z, we can do it with one person in less time than 4 could do it walking. For us, it was an opportunity maker. Otherwise, we would have probably gotten out of the large property business.

We kept doing larger properties that without the Z’s we would have gotten rid of. Not only that, but the applications are done accurately. The machine runs the same speed at the end of the day as at the beginning of the day. A person can easily slow down as he/she gets tired and we know that will make for a heavier application.