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My engine will not crank

  • Low battery voltage
  • Green wire unhooked from Solenoid
  • Blown Fuse

My engine cranks, but will not start

  • Fuel Valve off
  • Spark Plug boots and/or wires wet (dry with compressed air and spray with WD-40)
  • Choke not closing

My engine doesn't stay running

  • Fuel Valve partly closed
  • Fuel Filter clogged

Red & Yellow lights on the Speedometer are flashing

  • This is a "Low Voltage" warning
  • Bad Battery
  • Bad Stator
  • Bad Regulator

What oil do I use in my engine

  • ALL engines use 5W40 Synthetic motor oil

Rear wheels do not pull (belt off and/or low fluid level)

One side pulls harder than the other

  • Tow Valve(s) loose
  • Loose belt
  • Worn pump or wheel motor

What oil do I use in my hydraulic system

  • All Z-Spray/Z-Plug hydraulic systems use 5W40 Synthetic motor oil

My machine pulls to one side

  • Shorten the Joy Stick Rod on the slow side
Spray System

My tips are dripping when I shut the pump off

  • Throttle Valve is closed (open valve 1/4 turn)
  • Hose Reel Valve is open
  • Nozzle Check Valves are bad

My spray pressure is not consistent

  • Air in the system or strainer is plugged/clogged
  • Clean strainer screen and make sure strainer gasket is in place and not deformed. Check hose clamps for tightness.
  • Look for a hole rubbed in a hose or a loose fitting

My pump does not build up as much pressure as it used to

  • Pump Diaphragms are starting to wear
Wiring Harness

Wire Colors and Description

  • Green Wire (Starter Solenoid)
  • Yellow Wire (Engine Shut Off)
  • White Wire (Fuel Solenoid / Accessories)
  • Black Wire (Ground)
  • Orange Wire (Key Switch Power)