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Z-Max Attachments

Z-Spray offers the most diverse selection of sprayer/spreaders on the market. With a wide range of attachments, our machines our customizable to produce a machine that meets your specific needs.

7 Gallon Isolated Tank

The 7 gallon isolated tank allows the user to spot treat utilizing different chemicals than those being used in the primary tanks. The Isolated tanks include a 5.0 GPM pump, frame and 15' coil hose. Isolated tanks require an alternator kit which is sold separately.

7 Gallon - Iso


7 Gallon Auxillary Tank

The 7 gallon auxiliary tank allows for use of multiple liquid products. The auxiliary tank includes frames, hoses and quick release fittings.

7 Gallon - Aux Z-Max


Foam Marker

The foam marker system visually assists the operator with providing accurate product coverage. The foam marker comes complete with frame, fittings and hoses and may be used on all twin cylinder Z-Sprays.

Foam Marker Z-Max


30 Gallon Auxiliary Tank

The 30 gallon auxiliary tank transforms the Z-Spray into an all liquid unit.   Includes frame, hoses and quick release fittings. 

30 Gallon Auxilliary Tank